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Are you dealing with a nagging sports injury that doesn’t seem to be getting any better? Working with a reputable sports medicine doctor can help you to finally get back to living the active life you’re likely missing.

At Michigan Sports Doctors we have a team of Board Certified physicians who specialize in non-invasive treatment options for musculoskeletal conditions of the joints and spine. Some of the more common treatments provided by a sports medicine doctor at our clinic include:

  • Shoulder Pain Treatment
  • Knee Pain Treatment
  • Back Pain Treatment
  • Physical Medicine
  • Functional Medicine

Importance of a Sports Medicine Doctor Who Listens

Too often when you’re dealing with a sports injury, a sports medicine doctor will have two treatment options: surgery or addictive painkillers. At Michigan Sports Doctors, our sports medicine doctors take a much different approach.

Dr. Thomas Nabity and Dr. John Santa Ana, both Board Certified doctors, instead focus on non-invasive treatment options to help you deal with chronic pain. Your first visit with a sports medicine doctor at our clinic will focus on a comprehensive consultation to learn more about yours sports injury. It’s only after sitting down with you and listening to all of your questions and concerns that a sports medicine doctor will propose a sports injury treatment option for you.

What to Look for in a Sports Medicine Doctor?

Below are just a few of the key attributes of an effective sports medicine doctor:

  • Good Listener – You want a sports medicine doctor who will listen to you and understand your situation before coming up with a variety of treatment options.
  • Well Versed in Insurance Options – You want a sports medicine doctor that understands which procedures may be covered by your insurance and which procedures may require you to pay out of pocket.
  • Appointment Flexibility – It’s important to find a sports medicine doctor who has flexibility when it comes to finding an appointment that fits your busy schedule.
  • Board Certified – When dealing with sports injuries you want to work with a doctor that is board certified.

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If you’re ready to speak with a sports medicine doctor about a nagging injury, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today at (248) 775-1201. Dr. Nabity or Dr. Santa Ana will be happy to sit down with you for a comprehensive consultation to discuss your needs. Remember, you deserve to live a life free of injury. Contact a sports medicine doctor today!

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